On January 2015, Degawa, Takizawa and Kishi, the three initial members travelled to San Francisco and stayed in a house on Madrone Avenue.  Being inspired during their trip, they named the band after the street. Returning back to Tokyo, they started their new career as a band. 
After a couple of member changes, they settled with the current 5 members in June 2016 and have been active ever since.  With a slow pace, they have continued creating music, and finally came to the point to release their first mini album on February 2019.  They are continuously planning to send their music throughout the world stealthily and steadily.



岸真由子/Mayuko Kishi

vocals, piano
our darling singer and sweet melody maker.
other bands : 箱庭の室内楽, Ri Ri Riligion, the OL, 毛玉

〈CM songs〉
UR賃貸「My Grandfather’s Clock」mito feat.岸真由子
森永製菓・森永乳業 企業CM「エンゼルはいつでも」
AHAクレンジングリサーチソープ アップルップル編
ららぽーとバーゲン カウゾウ編

出川美樹子/Mikiko Degawa

vocals, bass
our melancholic singer and dim melody maker.
other bands : kew, primrose, ex.texas pandaa, ex.karivastro orchestra, ex.the chronicles

滝沢智恵/Chie Takizawa

electric piano, analog synthesizer
arranger with terrific style.
other bands : molslope, ex.henrytennis

横山サオリ/Saori Yokoyama

synthesizer, programming
eletronica sampling track maker
other bands : hologram

岡村大介/Daisuke Okamura

the one and only. man….♡